BizSplice Value Framework.

BizSplice uses the term Framework to describe our overall approach to strategic acquisitions and sales.

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value framework
value framework

Are you driven to achieve your vision and objectives faster?

That’s what we deliver through strategic acquisitions and sales. We’re strategic growth specialists.

What is a Framework

It is not a stepwise system or process because there is no set path to achieve a strategic acquisition or sale. Each is very unique. The process from one to another can be quite different and include radically different elements.

Also, the business environment and economy is in constant flux, it never stops changing. Our Framework is completely adaptive.

At the same time, our Framework is a clearly defined set of principles and disciplines that guides our work. It is broad enough to provide flexibility yet inclusive enough to meet the needs of each situation.

It’s like having a toolbox full of tools as well as the knowledge and experience to fix everything that could need work in a house – a door, a sink, a furnace, etc.

Following is an overview of the five major components to our framework.


The dictionary defines a stakeholder as an individual or member of “groups without whose support the organization would cease to exist”.

We include employees, customers, suppliers, stockholders, and the community in our definition of stakeholders.​


We believe that we must continuously strive to:

  • Improve the value we create for all stakeholders.
  • Be the best in our marketplace.
  • Be the expert at critical activities within our company.
  • Deliver exceptional performance and value in every aspect of our company.


Our vision is to be the experts in Wisconsin who guide business owners through the process of strategic acquisitions and sales to accelerate the accomplishment of their vision and goals.

And to work with people who share our beliefs and values.


The best companies become experts at certain critical activities within their company and/or industry. We are experts at:

Discovering Hidden Value
We discover the opportunities that are not represented on financial statements. This takes years of experience to know what to look for and we also understand what action to take.

Deal Structure
Structuring a transaction that is a win-win for both the buyer and seller. Both parties need to feel like they come out winners.

Integration & Optimization
Knowing how to sequence and lead the changes that will capture and optimize the realization of the hidden value.

value accelerators

Value Accelerators are the hidden and unrecognized opportunities that will dramatically accelerate a company’s vision, goals, profits, and company value. We are on a never-ending search for these Value Accelerator opportunities.

Strategic Value Accelerators
We find Strategic Value Accelerators in both the macro and micro-environments. We look at what is occurring in and around the industry, competitors, and the company. This group of Value Accelerators can include a wide range of areas. Some examples include market segments and trends, strategies, business models, value propositions, and customers’ needs, just to name a few.

Tactical (Operational) Value Accelerators
We can find Tactical Value Accelerators within all the departments and functions of a company. Some common areas include skills and know-how, people, technology, cross-selling, pricing, and many more.